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Purchase conditions

The common purchase conditions concerns all sales from Norsk Offroad Teknikk AS as long as nothing else is written.
Purchaser is in this document the person or company who order any parts from Norsk Offroad Teknikk AS.
All prices are shown in NOK including Norwegian VAT, if nothing else is written. Prices given in offers, orders and invoices are included VAT. Sales to other parts of Norway as Svalbard or other foreign country are not charged with VAT. The purchaser is responsible to pay VAT to their own countries authority.

Change of price
The price given can be changed without any warning to purchaser; this may be change in prices from producers, shipment costs, currency changes. If you have been given a price and accepted the price this will NOT be changed without your approval. Norsk Offroad Teknikk AS pledge to deliver the parts to accepted price. If you refuse to accept the new price the order will be cancelled without any costs for you.

Product information
Norsk Offroad Teknikk AS will at all time inform any information from the producers. If a product is not 100% as shown in specifications related to the product given from Norsk Offroad Teknikk AS : This will not give the purchaser any right to any claims against Norsk Offroad Teknikk AS. It will neither give the right to return of the part, except if the specifications are essentially different from what product information has been given. Norsk Offroad Teknikk AS takes no responsibility for failure which may occur because of wrong specifications in a product. Norsk Offroad Teknikk AS claims reservation against wrong information in products information.

Missing parts
The purchaser is responsible to control received parts against what he/she have ordered. Missing parts / wrong parts or defect parts have to be reported immediately to Norsk Offroad Teknikk AS as soon as possible- and latest within 14 days.

If there are defects or possible defects on a product the purchaser must immediately and as soon as possible report the defects to Norsk Offroad Teknikk AS. If Norsk Offroad Teknikk AS present a solution to solve the problem the purchaser is imposed to do as told.

Time of delivery
Parts in stock will be sent the same day or the day after. Shipment time is approximately 1-4 days within Norway. If the parts are not in stock, the delivery time will be longer. Actually delivery date depends on our producers and distributors. Norsk Offroad Teknikk AS will give you an estimated delivery date on request, based on information from our producers and distributors. Delivery dates given is not binding for Norsk Offroad Teknikk AS and gives no right to cancel the order in case of delays. Norsk Offroad Teknikk AS claims the right to send 50% or more of an order and the remaining order later, the remaining parts will be sent without any shipment costs.

Validity of an order
An order is valid the moment you receive an order confirmation from us. This will be sent by email. Ordering by phone, fax or email you’ll receive a confirmation either by phone, fax or email. By ordering you accept the ordering conditions from Norsk Offroad Teknikk AS. An order is valid until the parts either are delivered or the order is cancelled by email from Norsk Offroad Teknikk AS.

All shipments to private persons and companies without credit will be sent as cash on delivery. The purchaser is free to choose contractor but then prepayment is required. Any more costs or fees which accrue by using another contractor than Norsk Offroad Teknikk AS suggest will be charged the purchaser.

If you regret:
If you regret your purchase, the web shop must know within 14 days from you received the parts. Form to fill in must be filled out and returned together with the products. You may regret your purchase even before you receive the products. When you regret you will have your money back, but the shipment cost you have to pay yourself (In accordance to Norwegian law). This condition is for purchased orders in Norway by Norwegian citizens.

If you have order a special custom made product which is defined as a special order you will have to cover all expenses to material, shipment and work hours. If you regret when you have received your order or the order is already sent from us: All expenses and shipment costs of returning the products have to be paid by you. You will not be able to regret and have your money back if the product is not returned in the same condition as you received it. Original enclosure must be on the product, the same amount and condition as you received it.

The right to regret is not legal when you purchase in our shop, in our sales office or in our workshop. In accordance to Norwegian law.
Special orders or custom made products cannot be ordered from our web shop and have to be ordered directly with our sales office.

Return of products
The right to return products is for private persons and not for companies. Norsk Offroad Teknikk AS use the laws in Norway for return of products. Products have to be returned in original enclosure and in same condition and amount as you received them if you shall have your money back. Company customers, public offices and institutions – no return of products without written agreement from Norsk Offroad Teknikk AS.

Shipments which is not collected
Non collected shipments will be charged the purchaser minimum 300NOK or maximum shipment price as accepted by ordering both ways. This is necessary to cover our handling costs when you disengage the purchase conditions.

Claims will be handled accordance to Norwegian law.

All products have guarantee according to the producers guarantee, normally this is 1 year. The producer guarantees the products functionality in valid time of their guarantee. The guarantee does not cover defects which occur because of wrong use, external influence or the lack of good maintenance. The guarantee does not include spare parts in the products, which normally gets worn before the main product does. The guarantee only includes the main product and not other products related / or have been used together with the main product. If you have a claim on guarantee the original products have to be returned to Norsk Offroad Teknikk AS completely together with user manuals and original enclosure.

Documentation by shipments
All shipments to Norsk Offroad Teknikk AS concerning return of goods, guarantee claims or similar must have a written letter together with a copy of original invoice, date of purchase and information of what the shipment includes. Shipments sent Norsk Offroad Teknikk AS in cash on delivery or missing postage will not be accepted or signed in.

Disagreements related to purchase conditions or other conditions will be solved by the tribunal. All disagreements which may occur shall be judged by the tribunal.

Note: Pictures in the webshop is only for demonstration use,and the parts may look different or contain different parts than shown.a